MYSKILLSmanagerCo-Founders Ian Cox and David Greentree developed MYSKILLSmanager, a suite of online workforce development tools to provide businesses and individuals with a simplified way of improving workplace performance and productivity.

The MYSKILLSmanager solution is the culmination of over thirty years of workplace experience highlighting the need for a greater role from employees and managers in maximising benefits from developing their individual workplace skills and performance.

The philosophy of the Co-Founders was to transform how people went about day-to-day activities in their workplace to include engagement between employees and managers that was mutually supporting. Making adjustments or improvements to existing systems was no longer good enough for contemporary workforces.

Any solution required a totally different approach that focused on meeting the needs of each unique workplace.
During the early development of MYSKILLSmanager it was recognised that our solution needed to respect the current approaches or lack of existing systems and expectations yet provide the framework for sustained incremental change.

Extensive beta testing of the wide range of tools and applications has been carried out during the development of MYSKILLSmanager to produce the current framework now available to business and individuals.

MYSKILLSmanager has developed a wide range of online tools however we are starting with a package for small business to help meet their new WHS responsibilities that includes:

  • Establishing precise job descriptions and work processes
  • Methods to confirm competency and guide skills development and training
  • Defining the risks/hazards and controls associated with performing all work tasks with the business
  • Online recording of toolbox meetings and daily work diaries for workers
  • Providing functionality to conduct online WHS induction
  • A method to communicate all aspects of the business WHS system from individual workers to Directors

The key tool underpinning the MYSKILLSmanager WHS and Training System is our Competency LOGbook and unlimited competency confirmation performed by current and previous work colleagues and managers.

MYSKILLSmanager is a subscription based business model providing easy and cost effective access for individuals within a business workforce.

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